Spam Protection and Email

Email & Spam Protection - Cincinnati, OH

Email is a necessary business communication tool that contains massive amounts of business critical data. It is also a very easy target for spam, phishing, malware and viruses. Small businesses are subject to the same e-mail records compliance laws and legal requirements as large businesses, but they are unaware of just what the risks to their e-mail and data are.

IT Foresight will create a custom e-mail security and archiving system that will:

  • Keep Your E-mail Secure - Preventing spam, worms, viruses and other malware before it arrives in your e-mail.
  • Access E-mail More Easily - Establish an online archive of all messages and attachments, with flexible search features.
  • Increase Efficiency - Remove the heavy load of e-mail storage from your server.
  • Create Simple Searching - Seamless access to your records and full indexing of your e-mails.

IT Foresight will enhance your email, protecting your data and preserving your information, making your email an asset rather than a liability.

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